Our Story

We started as a company born in idealism and a belief that we could make it happen on our own when one of the founding members left a prominent financial software developer in 1990. In the midst of economic contraction on Wall Street and a slow year for businesses, we started by upgrading mainframe operating systems and providing support for databases. With the help of many well wishers, we were able to build a small base of clients.

With guidance and direction from one of the founders who had recently retired after serving as Chairman of the Board in a software company, we were starting to put some structure around a company that was until this time, essentially geared to be a technical playground. In 1991, the company was formally incorporated in the State of Florida as Reason Consulting Systems, Inc.

Working with clients on their mainframes during off business hours, we started to develop application software and other code. Within a few years, we acquired a mainframe that ran in the spare bedroom of a home, where supplemental air-conditioning had been installed to keep the unit and two tape drives at operating temperatures. This was our proverbial “garage”.

Armed with the first generation of computer “notebooks” with color monitors and a mainframe, we felt tremendously empowered and worked many hours experimenting with ideas and writing all kinds of programs. We started to benchmark code, optimize processes and learned all kinds of things about the relationship between performance and different kinds of code. Since the constraint of utilizing mainframe resources was removed, we could push the machines to their performance limits without concerns about bringing a production system down. During this time, we also developed object code modules, our first product and many routines that became the foundation for developing applications and enhancements.

The company had more employees and we were busy working on data conversions for the Merger and Acquisition years that followed. With the efforts of another founding member, the company took the next big step and was reorganized and restructured to better respond to the growth.

As personal computing was becoming more mainstream, we started developing applications, conversions and other software on these machines which until now had been used as word processors and spreadsheet tools. With emphasis on learning new technologies, a few of us were starting to invest more time and the company encouraged us to go through development and system classes on the PC.

Today, with servers, virtual machines and connections to databases, mainframes and various computing environments, we have expanded our area of operations and are able to provide expertise in a range of computing arenas. We believe our strongest assets are technical knowledge and the ability to solve complex situations.

Transforming our abilities to develop innovative software and services for you is our goal. With our relentless drive to never quit, we look forward to bringing better solutions and software to you.


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