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AccountArchive is a new technology in data archival. It is the closest simulation of online availability of archival data such as customer records, transactions, accounts and their relational properties. With AccountArchive , information can be retrieved regardless of the availability of the core processing system and viewed on any web browser connected to the network. Selection capabilities are built in along with the ability to drill down detail information.

AccountArchive takes away the need to burden your core processing system with large volumes of historical data by extracting account information in conjunction with related data into an industry standard SQL database. This reduces the amount of historical data required on the core processing system and streamlines processing leading to improved batch and online transaction performance. A recent study found that the resources and just the time saved on daily processing, backup and recovery is sufficient to provide a meaningful ROI (Return on Investment). In a disaster recovery situation, the value is priceless because of the immediate availability of historical account information and the reduced time it takes to recover the core database.

What differentiates AccountArchive from a traditional archive is that it is far more than a mere collection of reports that are electronically stored with some string search capability. It is designed to be an information retrieval system along the lines of a real time online system. At the same time, it is granular enough to be detailed because it is not designed as a data warehouse where the architecture is geared towards analysis cubes, dashboards and data trends as opposed to detail. Unlike a warehouse which gets loaded in slices (usually daily) and has a transaction depth that is a close approximation of the core processing system, AccountArchive is loaded periodically depending on purge schedules and has a limitless depth of transactions. Further, AccountArchive is not impacted by major data reorganizations in the core system because its structure is independent and previously archived transactions continue to be available and unaffected by the new changes.

AccountArchive is based on new technology and is capable of archiving complex record formats as well as images, documents and multi-media information. It is ready to support the next generation of information archival. With the continuing drop in the price of disk storage, AccountArchive gives you the ability to store almost infinite amounts of information at very low costs. Based on current specifications (which are revised upwards with every release), AccountArchive can store up to 524,272 terabytes of information in tables of 16 terabytes each.

The next evolution in information archival is here. With increasing volumes and complexity, are your current methods adequate and efficient? Are they capable of dealing with future growth and needs? Can they store data in complex records and support different formats? Have you done a risk evaluation of keeping the status quo?


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